Trinity School was founded by Kitty Warren when she purchased a small preschool in 1961 from Georgianna Hammett which was housed in St. George’s Episcopal Church in the Village. After the school grew to the building’s capacity of 75 students, Mrs. Warren eventually found a home for it at All Souls Episcopal Church where it began to add elementary grades to its preschool and kindergarten.

In 1983, Bill Haddock joined the school as its new headmaster, and in 1984, the school added eighth grade.

In 1985, construction was begun on a new facility. In November 1986, construction was completed and Trinity moved to 1120 E Hefner Road. In 1991, a second building was completed to house the gymnasium, kitchen, stage, and early learning center.

In November 2001, Mr. Haddock passed away and Sherry Rowan took over as the interim head of school. The Board of Trustees appointed her as the permanent head of school in March 2002. Upon Ms. Rowan’s resignation, Paul Böer was appointed Head of School in 2004.

Pat Furmanski became interim head until Darlene Troxel was appointed Head of School in July 2007.Before moving to the school’s new central location at 321 NW 36th Street in July of 2009, Jennifer Vaught, M.Ed.,CALT was named the Head of School in April of that same year.

Although originally named Trinity Episcopal School, the school has ended its Episcopal affiliation and observes a non-denominational Christian philosophy, encouraging tolerance and appreciation of all faith traditions.

In 2020, Trinity is expanding its capacity to serve the Oklahoma City area and will move into the historic Edgemere Elementary School.