Trinity School does not discriminate in its admissions and enrollment practices, based on race, ethnic background, health condition, socio-economic status, or gender for the students which attend grades K–12 in Oklahoma City.

The Admission process at Trinity School is designed to enable prospective families and the school to base decisions on the best information possible. A careful review of all testing, psychological, medical, and educational records is necessary as a starting point. The admission process itself emphasizes gathering information through personal contact and direct observation. This allows the parent, the student, and school personnel to base decisions on actual experience with one another.

Student Requirements

Trinity School serves children who exhibit different learning styles, including dysteria, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, autism, and or sensory processing issues, anxiety, and developmental or intellectual delays. Trinity School is not equipped nor is its faculty/staff trained to work with students experiencing severe cognitive, emotional/behavioral, or physical disabilities.

Trinity does accept students whose school experience has included mild behavioral issues that are the direct result of the frustration caused by failure to progress academically or by the social failure that often accompanies academic distress. We do not enroll students with persistent or severe behavior problems stemming from primary neurological, psychological, or emotional problems.

Admission Priority

First priority is given to students re-enrolling in Trinity School and their siblings. Re-enrollment packets are sent to the families of current students in late January with the re-enrollment process ending in late February. Open enrollment follows this re-enrollment period during which priority of admission is on a first come, first serve basis guided by available space in each grade level.

Student Motivation

The school will enroll only students who willingly make the transition to Trinity School. Candidates will not be enrolled or re-enrolled against their will, even if the school and the parents agree on the appropriateness of the school’s program for the student. In such cases, conditional acceptance may be granted, but enrollment will be withheld until the student can freely indicate that he or she is making the move willingly.