Trinity School has hosted the Summer Up! Intensive and Day Camp for years, and as you’d expect, we do things a little differently! Our Summer Intensive and Day Camp is a mini-crash course in supporting your child’s individual learning style plus all the same fun perks of a classic day camp.  This year’s camp sessions will be the same as the past, but with common-sense social distancing, daily disinfectant protocols, and vigorous hand-washing included. With our campers safety top of mind, we plan to make way for loads of Summer Fun!

Students enrolled in our program spend their mornings learning a highly-individualized curriculum in math and science, then spend their afternoons playing, crafting, and taking awesome field trips. Using proven, research-based methods, Trinity School teachers identify exactly what struggles a student has in school through ongoing testing and assessments.   Then, they design a tailored program that helps them improve!

What makes the impact of our summer intensive so… intense is the ongoing guidance throughout the following school year. Even if they aren’t Trinity School students, each teacher your child works in the summer helps your child understand her or his own learning style, and families receive recommendations for their continued success. It’s even common for the teachers in the summer program to collaborate with students’ schoolteachers the following year, to pass on what they learn about each student’s needs. Often our program helps teachers figure out if a student needs formal testing or diagnosis.

For more details about the program, check out our Summer Up blog post.

Summer-Up Flyer (pdf)

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