Trinity’s Reading Therapy Team Welcomes Wendy Stacy

Dyslexia affects an estimated 5% to 10% of the world’s population and an even greater percentage of students at Trinity. With Trinity’s specialized curriculum that focuses on remediating dyslexia and other learning differences, we are excited to introduce Wendy Stacy as the school’s reading therapy advisor. Stacy is a well-known expert in dyslexia education and is the co-founder, director and lead dyslexia therapist at the ReadWrite Center, a dyslexia clinic and training center that works with students and teachers.

In her over 15 years of teaching highly-specialized reading therapy methods, Stacy became highly familiar with Trinity’s reading therapy programs, its staff, and its mission. She was drawn to Trinity because of her passion for helping students with learning differences grow to love reading. Stacy believes Trinity’s philosophy serves the whole child, not just the “learning disorder” sets it apart from other educational institutions.

In her new role, Stacy actively teaches […]

Get Ready To Go Back To School!

The long summer days are getting shorter and rows of school supplies are taking up space at your local superstore. It’s time to start thinking about going back to school! Here are some suggestions for making the transition easier for you and your children.

  1. Reestablish routines: Summer is a time for staying up late and sleeping in. Many kids have spent countless hours watching TikTok videos or playing video games. While these habits may be enjoyable, they don’t fit well with the expectations of the school year. Start shifting your child’s sleep schedule to better fit their class schedule, which means a reasonable bedtime and earlier wake up time. Establishing a bedtime routine, including quiet time for reading or listening to music under low light, can encourage an easy transition to sleep. Limit access to screens (TV, computer, tablets, and phones) for an hour (or two) before bedtime to help […]

Unique Strengths of Children Who Learn Differently

Here at Trinity School, we welcome students with learning differences. These students may have diagnoses such as ADHD, autism, or other learning disabilities. When a child is first diagnosed with a learning difference, their families often focus on how to compensate for their challenges. While it is important to provide these children with the necessary support for their success, it is also helpful to consider the child’s unique strengths in helping them find areas of competence.  There are many examples of successful people with learning differences who were able to turn their strengths into personal achievements.

Neurodiversity is the concept that there are naturally occurring differences in how individuals’ brains function. These differences are normal and may be beneficial. We all learn in different ways. For some students, certain subjects are easier to grasp than others. The process of skill development in individuals can vary due to learning differences, as […]

Music and Drama for Neurodiverse Kids

One of the fundamental purposes of art is to shift perspectives and see or hear something interpreted in a new way. Whether it’s music, theater or sketching, kids who practice an art can embrace new perspectives and learn about themselves. This might be more true for kids who already operate from unique perspectives, like students with learning differences.

According to The Child Mind Institute, it’s possible that many kids who struggle in the classroom could be naturally drawn to performance art. While many traditional learners find themselves “in their own heads” as actors say, kids who learn differently seem to have an easier time accessing the part of themselves that can open up on stage.  They are often able to express deeper emotion with less hesitation.

Trinity School’s newest drama and music instructor Mr. Ryan believes his students have a lot of talent to discover.

“Creative energy is perhaps expressed in its most […]

Automatic Dyslexia Screenings in Oklahoma Schools

Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that affects areas of the brain that process language and it is one of the most common reasons children come to Trinity School. Over the years, Trinity School has served thousands of Oklahoma children with dyslexia. We know the condition is under-diagnosed and often consistent remediation and resources are not available to students. However, recently legislation was signed into law to help close that gap.

The new law, HB 2804 by Representative Mike Sanders, will require dyslexia screening for all early elementary students reading below their grade level. The automatic screenings will be required for children in kindergarten through the third-grade, only if their grade level reading tests indicate that they are struggling. This initiative will reduce the time it takes to catch a student struggling and offer support.

Our educators at Trinity School are thankful that Governor Stitt has signed the Reading Sufficiency Act […]

Summer Intensive and Day Camp: COVID Protocols

Summer is here!  If you are looking for a fun and educational way for your kids to spend their days this July, Trinity has you covered! Our “Summer Up! Intensive and Day Camp” is a mini-crash course in supporting your child’s individual learning style with all the same fun perks of a classic day camp. This year’s camp sessions will include some new safety measures such as social distancing, daily disinfectant protocols, and vigorous hand-washing.

Enrolled students spend their mornings learning a highly-individualized curriculum in math, language arts, and  reading therapy.   In the afternoon they spend time playing, crafting and exploring. Through proven research-based methods, ongoing testing and assessments, Trinity School teachers can identify what struggles a student might have in school. From there, we design a tailored program that incites growth for each student! 

The safety and health of our staff, students, parents, and visitors is our utmost priority. […]

The Science of Reading

Reading difficulty is one of the most common reasons families seek additional  guidance and assistance with their child’s education. Issues like dyslexia and/or struggles with focus can make reading tough, but with the right intervention plan and supportive reading therapists, students can actually develop a passion for reading! Improvement to your students’ reading skills yields  benefits that can change the course of their lives.

Since reading is a fundamental gateway to learning any number of subjects, it often opens or closes opportunities for the future. What’s really amazing is that the act of reading (that is, simply taking in words on a page and turning those words into images in the mind) has an astonishing impact on brain development.

Reading helps develop the more obvious parts of the brain, like those responsible for vocabulary and language development. But reading also improves less expected brain functions, like concentration, memory and […]

Trinity Blog: What’s Up with Summer Up!? Intensive and Day Camp

Right now, many parents are wondering what the summer of 2020 will look like.  While kids climb the walls and look for things to do, they continue to evaluate options that stimulate their kids, while keeping them safe.  For several years, Trinity School has hosted the Summer Up! Intensive and Day Camp and as you’d expect, we do things a little differently! Our Summer Intensive and Day Camp is a mini-crash course in supporting your child’s individual learning style plus all the same fun perks of a classic day camp.  This year’s camp sessions will be the same as the past, but with common-sense social distancing, daily disinfectant protocols, and vigorous hand-washing included. With our campers safety top of mind, we plan to make way for loads of Summer Fun!

Students enrolled in our program spend their mornings learning a highly-individualized curriculum in math and science, then spend their […]

Tips for students with learning differences

Metro Family Magazine

If you’re like most Oklahoma parents, you’re at home wondering what you’re going to do with your children now that the Oklahoma State Department of Education has recommended that school closures extend throughout the remainder of the academic term.  For parents with children that learn differently, this time where students are out of their routine can quickly become stressful and challenging.

According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, one in five children in the United States has learning differences including dyslexia, autism and ADHD. For children with learning disabilities, minimizing over-stimulation and maintaining routine are keys to success.

Trinity School at Edgemere, a private school in OKC providing research-based methods to help students with learning differences reach their fullest potentials, launched our remote learning program last week, providing continuity in the students’ educational plans and helping to ease anxiety under […]

Kiddo Friendly Stay-at-Home Activities!

While Oklahoma schools are closed as a means of keeping families safe from the spread of COVID-19, we are all doing our part to stay healthy – and keep the kiddos busy!

We have a special knack at Trinity School for creating unique lessons for kids of all learning levels and integrating technology into everyday learning. Here are a few suggestions on how best to plan kiddo-friendly stay-at-home activities!

  1. Keep a routine: The thing that holds at-home learning together is a steady routine. It doesn’t need to be strict but keep getting up around the same time and keep enforcing bedtime. Have a plan for screen time, learning time, play time and when to take meals. It will help both parents and kids from feeling cooped up.
  2. Write letters:Helping your kids to write letters is a double benefit- they can practice writing and grammar while staying connected to friends and family […]