Trinity School requires “Parker” brand school uniforms. Students must maintain a clean, well groomed appearance. When out of uniform, students’ dress should be conducive to a learning atmosphere.

Grades K-12

Hair and Grooming: Students should maintain a clean, well-groomed appearance and practice good hygiene. Teeth should be brushed, hands should be clean, fingernails should be trimmed and hair should be tidy and clean. Hair should be kept out of the students’ faces. Extreme and distracting hairstyles and colorings will not be permitted such as Mohawks and excessive hair accessories.

Pants/Shorts: Only true khaki pants or shorts are permitted (samples of approved clothing pieces are available in the office). All clothing, other than the Parker School uniforms, must conform to the style of samples in the office. Corduroy, cargo pants, jeans, capris, wide-leg slacks and pants and shorts with patch pockets may not be worn to school. Pants and shorts must fit appropriately.

Shorts/Skirts: Shorts and Parker plaid skirts should fall within the width of a dollar bill above the knee.

Shirts/Blouses: Students may wear knit long or short sleeved polo shirts with collars in white or hunter green. No emblems, stripes, zippers, or metallic buttons. Students may only wear solid white t-shirts under their uniform polos. All shirts must be completely buttoned with the exception of the top button. Students with vented sides on the polo shirts will not be required to wear it tucked in or with belts.

Sweatshirts: Only Trinity sweatshirts are allowed during school hours. Sweatshirts must be worn on the outside of regular uniform shirts. Hoods may not be worn in the building.

*High School Students Only* long sleeved Rugby shirts in navy or white ordered through the school are permitted.
Sweaters, Jackets, or Coats: Sweaters, jackets, or coats may not be worn in classrooms. During cooler weather, students may wear Trinity sweatshirts over their uniform shirts.

Jewelry and Makeup: Students may wear a watch. Only small stud earrings are allowed. One ring per hand is permitted. No other jewelry may be worn. Body piercings, tattoos, or writing/drawing on the body are not permitted. Only natural or neutral makeup is allowed.

Shoes and Socks: Athletic shoes that tie or velcro are permitted. No open toe shoes or backless shoes are allowed. All athletic shoes must be worn with white or black socks. White tights are allowed to be worn with skirts.

*High School Students Only* Solid brown leather deck shoes are permitted. No socks are required with the brown leather deck shoes. White or navy tights are allowed.