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The initial deployment of student devices began in the fall of 2012 with the placement of an iPad cart in the elementary school and middle-high school science classes for the enhancement of education. Mac laptops continue to teach computer skills throughout the school. High school students in the fall of 2013 will be issued iPads that will contain their books, calendaring of assignments, needed apps, and a student email account. Safe guarded controls will be activated and only school approved apps and downloads will be able to be made. These iPads will be carried to and from school daily by the student as part of their class materials. Middle school students will receive their school issued iPads fall 2014. Until this time they will continue access to the iPad cart. The elementary students will continue to benefit from iPads from the iPad cart in class only. High school parents and students will attend an orientation and training in the fall of 2013 and middle school parents in the fall of 2014.

Our research has indicated that standardization of equipment is very important to the overall success of an iPad Initiative and in technology education. Our staff will be better able to address technical issues when the equipment is identical and management is standardized by the school. In addition, iPads, licenses, apps, and e books, are benefited with educational and volume discounts in Trinity School’s name. Students will have the exact same iPad model. For those who already have an iPad at home, think of it as a personal device and their school iPad as a work device. The annual book fee will cover the cost of all books and apps instead of being billed like in the past as purchased and consumed. The technology fee will cover the cost of the iPad and after the fee is paid and the student finishes school then the iPad is theirs for personal use. All settings will be returned to factory settings like new after graduation or transition.

The device is an additional tool available to our students and teachers. Trinity’s qualified teachers will decide when the digital learning device is the best tool for learning. The device does not replace our teachers or curriculum. It does however replace paper agendas and books. The calendar and reminders is a tool to aid in organization and helping the student succeed. There will be less to keep track of with e books and student email accounts. Book bags will be lighter. iPads have been shown to be a great tool used as assistive technology for students that learn differently. This is also in line with technology education and growth across the globe.

Teachers will receive ongoing training about the integration of technology with curriculum as our program grows and new possibilities emerge. Teacher training will continue in the summer in services, weekly faculty meetings, and workshops. Integration of iPads in the classroom has already begun with our Smartboards and MAC laptops.

We will address this through our multi sensory keyboarding curriculum. Keyboarding is a focus of our computer curriculum. iPads have touch screen typing but a keyboard can be purchased for an additional small fee. Stylus pens are another option for our students. It is important to continue using our individual approach in this area just like other areas at Trinity.

Only if it is approved and downloaded by school personnel. All downloads, apps, and e books are to be for the benefit of education. No games or apps that are not deemed by the school to be beneficial to the learning of the student will be permitted.

This will be a classroom management issue for the teacher and administration. The iPad is like a pencil, book, or agenda that needs to be brought to class. Students are responsible for bringing the device to school charged and ready each day. Students will need to keep their charger at home so they can charge at night. A good routine would be to charge iPad at bedtime and unplug when leaving for school in the mornings.

Please direct any questions you may have to the Head of School, Jennifer Vaught.